Thursday, April 16, 2009

waiting for the spring

autumn comes to a tree and it responds so colorfully 
but let a month or two go by and the winter robs it completely dry
and as the leaves take freedoms flight they hit the ground and lose their light
and life is left in brown and gray so dont ask me to go out and play 
cause i am waiting for the spring

all the trees on the street are completely bare and i scratch my head and find snow in my hair
and as pretty as it looks floating down it all looks like slush when it hits the ground
every is scowling in the cold they all used to make snowmen but now they are too old
and they look colder and colder everyday so dont ask them to come out to play 
because they're all fine being grumpy today

and there is no fun in this land of gray
when all the birds fly south and rabbits hide away
there are so many things i have to say 
but i think i'll save them for a warmer day
cause i am still waiting for the spring
we're all just praying for the spring

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