Friday, April 3, 2009

here is a song dedicated to 8th grade

i wont go the jungle gym and play
on the swings with you today
cause all my really cool friends told me that was gay
and i always listen to everything that they say 

all my friends are really co---ol 
so its okay if i'm a to---ol
cause we were to good for this scho---ol
but maybe some day we can be friends 

its not my fault that you are last pick 
when you are uncoordinated and not that quick
but maybe next year when things aren't same
then i wont have to call you lame
then you can join in the game, but not today

so mom when i'm with my homies 
please dont act like you know me 
in highschool we'll all grow go tees 
and go to of the cool pool parties 

we all play sports in our athletic shorts
could there really be any more to life i mean besides the future kids and wife 
don't ask us what we want to be when we get older 
cause all we'll do is shrug our shoulders

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