Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I thank God for the waves

heart beating fast sweat fills his pours
any notion of slowing he ignores
too busy to be tired to young to be exhausted
if he had any concept of time, he had lost it
his sandy fingers work hard to match what's on his mind
with sand and shells and seaweed whatever he can find
he smiles briefly in satisfaction before continuing again
a castle with high walls encircling a cozy den
he gazes back behind him inquisitive with worry
and turns back again reminded of his need to hurry
the walls are built up higher then reinforced beneath 
the grainy town has become the wonder of the beach
water grazes his feet and he shivers in shocked reaction
it makes a silent visit to the tower followed by a polite retraction 
anticipating more to come brings him bitter sweet emotions
he looks back again this time he seems to challenge the ocean
his work has slowed with a focus now put on calculated fortification
his eyes get soft as he gets lost in the scenarios of his imagination
a shiver shoots up his leg all the way to his back
he looks down to sea the water returning to attack
this time the charge stretches to reach around the tower
it removes much of the base with its strong pulling power
it retreats back quickly taking its captives to their dark prison
but in its place another wave to attack has already risen
this one falls short but its warning is heard
and on its way back it gets overlapped by a third
frantically working to repair the damage of the first
fear takes his eyes as he expects the worst
but the third waves comes and knocks him off his feat
and what was a great castle is left a lowly mound of defeat
and so he begins to work again this time he wont fail
he lives his life in vain always working to no avail  


  1. Nate, this is incredible.
    Why do more people not know how amazing you are???