Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i can here the future of your feet dragging in the dirt
followed by flying dust on a pitiful path you cant desert
it is a truly scary sound i with i didnt have to hear
because with each scraping step the noise keeps coming near

and i cant run from my ears
or catch yesterdays tears
or stop the passing of the years
but i can persist to pick up my feet and face my fears.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

goodbye chi-city

see you when i get back


so i am taking this idea from Johnny Wong so props to him.
This will be my update site for my trip.
I will be posting updates about my ministry work, prayer requests, updates about my group.
Some prayer requests before the trip
pray that God would prepare our hearts and minds as we go
pray for travel and for luggage
pray for health as we are jet lagged and transition to new food
pray that God would use us to serve
details of trip
we fly out from O'hare at 7:15 Monday night May 18th
our finaly destination will be Kampala, Uganda.
i will be serving at kampala baptist church.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


here's to today to what you've been waiting for
and to your smiles as you walk across that floor

here's to the tears we will cry at your parting
to painful reminders that new pages are starting

here's to our watches that let us know we're getting older
and to the summer air that always makes us a little bolder

here's is to all the best friends who know us and still love us
to all those times they stood up to the bullies out to shove us

here's to all the things we've learned from all our education
to all the things that life's taught through painful situations

here's to tomorrow and life's bitter sweet progession
to our painful fight against our own ignorant obsessions

here's to the promise of a morning and a sunrise
and to the sunset as we watch how fast time flies

Friday, May 8, 2009

we all get tired

you hide suggestions in all of your questions
but i cant trust all your good intentions
when you keep coming up with new inventions
to entrapped me in the things you want me to be

you are always careful to premise and disclaim
everything you say before you cast the blame
and yes i know two could play that game
but i am not as cunning at this hiding and runnning

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a humbling feeling being hurt by some one who you thought was out of your life.
To be misunderstood by the person you spent most of your time helping understand. 
What a miserable thing to stare at the clock and calculate the time that your have wasted. 
The vanity of human life is that we get one chance to live. 
It is that every mistake is frozen in our history.
It does not always seem worth it to learn such hard lessons through pain and loneliness. 
But that is not up to me. I am just a fragile man.

Monday, May 4, 2009

the audacity of me

if you want to see the reality of the fall
to see the most depraved creature of them all
then just have to ask the mirror on the wall

thats is what i did and now i can see
that the real height of this world's depravity
was behind my eyes staring back at me

Lord i'm sorry there is nothing i can do
i'm afraid its a broken heart that you pursue
could you really take me as a gift to you?

Friday, May 1, 2009

ROSE part 1

you are the flower that i saw dancing in my dreams
lightly, beneath a golden sun, swiftly in a sea of green
and i thought that if i woke, i'd be there to dance with you
but my opened eyes saw only a cold city where no flowers grew
i searched desperately for meadows finding only empty streets
fore, i could only find you when you were dancing in my dreams