Saturday, January 23, 2010

down down down in the bottom of my mug
down in the daunting dark depths of my mug
is a place unknown underneath this sea
that hides many mysterious things from me
so i drink to reach the bottom
drink to reach beneath
sipping and lapping at the wealth of caffeine
only to find the hard surface behind it; empty
and the treasure I missed was the treasure I sipped
and it had slipped down inside of me

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i wish i did not have the ability to hate
then it would be easier to condemn
but as i can hate
i make a very poor judge
and i resort to hate those who do it best
i hate the ignorant
i hate the racists
i hate the violent
and i wish i could not hate them
for now that i know i am just as bad as them
well now i must love them or be them
the former the hardest
and the latter is the death of my soul
so it must be a hard road
where love rules and where love proves strong enough
for if not then then i go down watching this world plummet hopeless and dark into the depths of the depraved potential of man