Saturday, June 20, 2009

the death of the west

in america, we live lives as sojourning slaves to death
it has become our greatest fear and our greatest threat
we grasp with desperate knuckles of persisting white
at this wilting flower that is carelessly called life
and then when at last our human hold proves too weak
we send our corpses down in glossy cases six feet deep
and if today I choose to laugh in death's calloused face
then these untimely timid men would label me insane
but I do not fret at their feeble words of spoken insolence
rather I am enraged that my generation's blind in ignorance  

Friday, June 12, 2009

some secrets that are death to know
can still steal hearts in curious lust
hearts that mistake the reapers curse
as yesterday's mislabeled woe

dont ask me to reveal the truth
for surely if i did
you'd see me as the setting sun
trying to rob you of your youth

but i beseech you from your soul to yearn
for the light shinning beyond the sky
for the hope that rest in a calm cocoon
and the force in lessons you dont want to learn
if i cannot to the world supply
something greater than that which is I
then I am just a fools mistake
and I steal every breath of air i take

and if its true of my sons
that they forget themselves when they are young
then the blame falls to me
and i have lived my life wastefully

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

so many lessons i dont want to learn
amidst love that i dont deserve
in each sunrise new embers burn  
so much beauty i dont observe 

my mind keeps making new designs
of ways to truly be alive
while they say, "focus on the signs
or else you will not survive"

but there are some things i cannot fake
some memories that do not fade
some changes have been hard take
some mistakes i'm glad i made

Monday, June 8, 2009

if i'm supposed to know what love is in this world of brokeness
then my road is much more hopeless than I had originally feared
for, the one thing in this world i know is your smile grows beneath your tears

the measure of grace that i've been given has come in blessings from above
with the flesh of the human race forsaken, some in His image have begun to love

so i keep my eyes connected to my heart my mind
and i allow Him to help me to find

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my reflection in the wishing well
holds many secrets it will not tell
but i do worry 
for the sun tells me i'm handsome with it's golden rays
and the road says i have wisdom for wandering his maze 
and the mountain set before me knows i'm good enough
to climb the peaks its holding and touch the sky above