Wednesday, April 1, 2009

cause He first love me.

If there is one thing that i have learned as I have grown up, it is that people do not understand love. They mislabel love and falsly accuse love of many things
Love does not hurt people, or fool people. 
No, pain comes in the absence of love.
Pain comes in ignorance of love. 
Love is definate and clear.
People do not fall in and out of love.
Love is not a process or a phase.
Love is not merely committment, or a verb, or a "heart thing"
Loving is more that a relational value or a character trait. 
Love is more than a life style.
Withheld love is more than indifference, more than cruelty.
Withheld love is more than betrayal, treason, murder.
Withheld love is blaspemy. 
No one escapes or is free of love.
No one alive is an adequate lover or a deserving lover.
My sinful heart cannot handle love.
It cannot understand it; cannot truly achieve it, or truly recieve it
My brain cannot concieve it. 
So my heart will continue in its search and devour all that smells of love.
Sometimes tasting the bitter depraved decpetions of love that this world has made,
But always remembering the satisfaction of His love.
His love that has made my hope invincible. 
My love is all i have to give so I seek to make true, seek to worship
To make it faithful, loyal. 
To make my love His joy, and His joy to be my strength to love more.
His love is my blessing that the world needs. 
A love that is deliverance; healing; illuminating; power; unifying; dividing; eternal; sacrificial; real;
and here... now

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